Friday, August 13, 2010

Aug 1

Today was a sea day, with an early Character breakfast, but we slept in, 4 th cruise for the girls and we have never made it to the Character breakfast. The weather is warming up, and the seas are pretty calm. I have heard that it can get pretty rough sailing through the Bay of Biscay but we have a lovely day.

There was lots going on, first up was the Princess Gathering, so lots of pictures, Lauren skipped that and went to the kids lab.

After lunch we went and Saw Toy Story 3, what a great movie.

We went swimming after but it was pretty busy so it was a short swim, but time to visit with Max.

Next up was Tea with Alice, Lauren did not want to go so she went back to the Lab, of course Sydney enjoyed the Tea, the Mad Hatter was pretty funny.

Another rushed dinner as the girls wanted to get a swim in before the show, which became the normal after dinner routine. It was great swimming after dinner as the pools were pretty much empty.

We made it to the Theater and got to watch Twice Charmed. It was as great as usual and the girls enjoyed seeing it again.

With sunset so late we were able to catch it after the show.

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