Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 4


Looks like another nice day this time we are in Southern Spain and the City of Cadiz.

The plan today was take the Hop On Hop Off bus to the Victoria Beach, spend some time there and then take the bus around the rest of the loop getting off in the old town at seawall and walking back to the ship.

There was a long line waiting to board the bus, and it took quite a while to board and I think we had to wait for 3 busses, but it was a beautiful day and not too hot yet.

We made it to the beach, and the ocean was so warm.

After some time in the ocean we decided to hop on the bus, lots of Moorish style buildings, and the large walls around the old part of town.

 We missed the stop at the seawall ( got pictures though)  so we ended up back near the port.

 We did some shopping, found a Euro store and Sydney got some modeling clay, but Lauren was not able to find any coins.

We went back on the ship about 2:00 and brought lunch down to deck 4, for some reading, shuffleboard, and creating with the modeling

Tonight was Pirate night and the girls got dressed up.

After dinner we headed up to the pool, but as set up for pirate party was going on the girls had to go to the Mickey pool, it was empty too so the girls had fun.

We did head back to the room and watched almost the whole Spy next door and then rushed up stairs to catch Mickey saving the day and the fireworks.

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  1. Hi, great blog! I cannot believe the difference in the crowds on the Cadiz beach from June to August when I was there. Found you on the disboards, have fun on your next one! Jill