Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 30

Friday July 30.

We all slept through the night again and did not get up till 8:00. Sydney had wanted to get up at 5:00 to watch the Magic come into port but luckily she did not wake up. We did rush out and the Magic was right there waiting for us.

We had breakfast and took another walk down the beach, lots of neat rocks but no sand on this beach.

About 11:00 we checked out and got a taxi to the Port. I though we had arrived late, but we got boarding card #7 so we would not have too long of a wait as they were going to start boarding at 11:45. I noticed DCL was touring a huge group of British Travel Agents so I think they are planning on more cruises out on the UK in the future.

Minnie arrived and of course Sydney was in line to get the first of many pictures. By the end of the cruise the photographers knew us by name without even looking at our key cards. Lauren of course does not want anything to do with the characters but was willing to fool around with some old English Gentlemen.

#7 was called and we were announced and welcomed back. The girls wanted to head straight for the pool so that was were we headed. Having always sailed in March which can be cold and dark by 6:00 the girls really took advantage of the warmth and extra day light. It was breezy up on the pool deck but the pools were warm.

The afternoon was spent in the pool, and playing shuffleboard, and a few characters all the favorite things to do.

Daisy was telling us what she got in St Petersburg.

4:00 PM was the Safety drill and you sure could tell there were a lot of first time cruisers on board. They kept asking people to line up smallest to largest with a row for each cabin but people kept going in front of all the kids and the staff could not find all the cabins, but they finally located everyone and we were finally allowed to leave.

We headed up to Deck 10 for the sail away and Sydney got into the dance mood. It was very impressive sailing out of Dover with the Castle in the background and also the White Cliffs of Dover.

We once again had early dinner and this cruise that was at 6:00. Dinners were slow once again, and the girls were still not very adventuresome in there choices . We were at a table with a girls Lauren’s age and they had lots of fun.

After dinner I think the Lauren rushed to the club and Sydney went for a swim.

We went to the welcome aboard show. The songs and dancers were good but the entertainers, a ventriloquist and magician were not terribly impressive and we will not be rushing to see their shows later in the week.

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