Monday, August 16, 2010

August 3


I was at a loss on what to do in Lisbon, the only DCL excursion that looked promising had an 8:00 AM meet time and that would be pushing my luck, so I decided we would go into the city centre and go to St George’s Castle or maybe take the #28 tram through the old section on Lisbon.

I got up early to watch the sail into Lisbon as I had read that sailing under the April 25 Bridge was beautiful. The April 25 Bridge is a suspension bridge similar in design to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful morning and sailing under the bridge was neat, the sound the ship made sailing under the bridge with cars on it was neat and and little scary  at the same time and I hoped to make it back that evening.

Since we were on our own this morning the girls slept in and we did not rush off the ship.

Almost at the dock.

 We got off about 10:00 and we just wandered towards the big dome on the hill. We found a flee market and Lauren searched for some coins, and Sydney found a lovely hat, it was her first attempt at bargaining and she got it for 3 Euros

We found the 28 tram but it was hot and the girls did not want to go on it.

Lisbon is full of lovely neat narrow roads and alleys so we just spent the morning exploring.

 We found a lovely bakery and tried a Portuguese pastry. Lisbon appeared to very inexpensive and we got 3 drinks and 1 pastry, and 1 huge gummy fish for less than 3 Euros. Lauren liked the pastry but Sydney was glad she had gone for the gummy fish.

We had found our way back to the port and it was hot, the girls had not complained once so I decided we should go back on before everyone got too tired.

 The girls had lots of things they wanted to do in the clubs, but the call of the empty pool was too strong and they spent another afternoon in the pool.

We did take some time out to visit a few characters.

Tried to rush through dinner so we could made it up to watch the sail under the April 25 bridge, but we were about 5 minutes too slow.

The evening show was Villains a new one we have not seen. I was not impressed but the girls who know Yzma and Kronk from the Emperors New Groove really enjoyed the show and Lauren mentioned that she wished that she had gone to all 3 performances.

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