Friday, March 27, 2009

Boarding the ship. #2

Saturday the girls were up excited to be heading to the Magic. We had made plans to meet some friends we had met on the Magic last year that were getting off today so we headed to the lobby for a quick breakfast and then to meet them.

Breakfast was the only disappointing meal of the trip, luckily kids 6 and under are free and under 12 half price so it was not that big of a loss. Next time, we will walk across the parking lot to McDonalds.

We found out friends and had a short visit, sounds like they had a great trip also.

The girls were eager to get in the pool so we had another quick swim. The pool is beautiful and it was warm already.

At 11:15 we headed to the lobby to get on the shuttle to the port. What a zoo, there were people and luggage everyone. I must give the staff credit as they do a great job of getting luggage and people on the busses. I think they have 3 large van/trailers going to the port. They were just filling a van for the Magic so we were able to get on quickly and we were off to the port.

We quickly got our luggage checked in and we were off to the terminal. It was busy already and we got a boarding card 17. When I went alone in December I had arrived about the same time and got a boarding card 6, but it was not that long of a wait and we got to meet the first characters of the




By11:45 they were boarding. About 30 minutes later our number was called and we were heading through the Mickey Ears to board.

The girls were most excited to cross the gang plank and then to be announced. S. could have stayed in the lobby for hours watching all the families board and be announced. We were able to get her away for the arriving parade of families and headed to Parrot Cay for lunch. Unfortunately it was full so we headed up to Topsiders. We were able to find a table quickly and had lunch.

The next stop was to check out the port hole windows in Beat Street, but now before running into Goofy and Max. The character this year seemed to be so much more accessible and when you ran into they in the hallways they always seemed to have time to stop and talk.


Beat Steets once again was the favorite hang out on the ship and we spent what seems like hours down then doing cartwheels, reading and just watching the world pass by. The gentleman who cleans down there got to know us.


By now it was 1:30 and we were able to head to the room to drop off the carry on bags. We were upgraded to a CAT 10 on deck 2, it was a nice room it had the large steamer trunk and also a bench between the closet and desk which was nice to sit on and read, but it was noisy. Some nights I would lay in bed thinking this ship is about to break in half with all the creaking, but we were so tired most nights that it was not a big deal. We had a room with the bunk bed this time which was a hit with the girls and I was able to sleep in the queen bed which was so comfortable.

Our cabin room host did an amazing job of keeping the room clean and once he heard
the squeals of delight over his towel creations he started leaving us them twice a day.

The sign up line for the kids club in the terminal was huge, so we headed up to the lab to sign up the girls. There was no one there so that was quickly down and the girls took a quick look around. The stacking game was a favorite and L was playing it several times that I went to pick her up.


We now headed to the second favorite place on the ship, deck 4 for shuffle board. What a beautiful day.


L was now getting anxious as it was time for the life boat drill. We were lucky to have it in Animators Pallet so we did not have to stand in the hot sun.


The plan was to head up to deck 10 for the sail away party, but by the time we got there it was crazy busy and the girls wanted to play more shuffle board so that is what we did.

We had the 5:30 dinner rotation and we were eating in Lumier’s this evening. This cruise the ship was really rocking and in the dinning rooms you could really notice it. Our friends who had just got off the ship had told us that there were problems with the stabilizers and they were to be repaired today, but I don’t think they had been. The seas never looked that rough and there were nights when the pools on deck 9 looked like wave pools.

Who should we run into but our server from last year. Leo remembered us and he was happy to escort the girls to our table. We were at a table with a family with 3 boys from Arizona, and the girls enjoyed their company. The dining rooms seemed really disorganized and dinner was slow. Our servers Claudia and Meg were very nice and always got the orders right, but they had a large table of 12 that I think was very demanding and that slowed things down. On the nights the other table was not there dinner was much quicker.

After dinner L. wanted to head to the kids so we dropped her off and S. and I went to the evening show. We really enjoyed the shows, and tonight there was the comedian team of Rootberry. I am not sure if it was a combination of being so tired, the deserts and the shows, but I have never heard the kids giggle so much as they did on this trip, S. in fact would giggle in her sleep, they must have been good dreams

We went to pick up L from the clubs and she had been transformed into a beautiful butterfly.


The first of many creations



The girls were finally asleep.

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