Friday, March 27, 2009

Sea Day post #3

Sunday was a sea day and the girls did sleep in till about 9:00, the benefits on an inside room is the darkness is great for sleeping.

We headed up to Topsiders for breakfast and it was a beautiful day outside.

L was dropped off at the Kids lab for the Wonderful World of Magic which was reported as not being that great and S and I headed to Animators Palate for Family Animation. I have zero drawing skills but even S was impressed with the Mickey face I drew.

We had lunch up on deck 9 and the girls did some swimming. It was pretty windy up on deck so it was a short swim.

The girls had some Disney Dollars they wanted to spend so we headed to the gift shop and the girls decided on another Webkinz, a turtle for L and an Owl for S.

L headed to the club to make Flubber and S and I went looking for our previous days pictures and characters. On the way out on the Shutters picture area we ran into Wendy and S had a most animated conversation with Wendy, Did you know there are no Webkinz in Neverland and that Wendy was most excited to go tell Peter Pan about them as they are so cute and cuddly.

S and I then went and had a nap.

Dinner tonight was in Animators Palete and the rocking was really noticeable. I have never heard so many broken dishes before. Dinner was a little faster but almost 2 hours for dinner is too long for kids. The servers were really good about bringing the kids their meal as I understand they have a different cooking station for kids meals, but they would be done and my meal was not ready. I ended up taking L up to the Kids club while I waited for my dinner.

Tonight’s show was the Golden Mickey’s so we picked up L from the clubs and headed to the show. This show is like an Academy Awards show and they have a red carpet and Rona Rivers interviews all the guests as they arrive and then the awards start, with numbers from all the great Disney Classics. L got interviewed last year, but she did not want to stand in the line so we went in and watch the interviews on the screen. Both girls really enjoyed the show, especially the number from the Lion King and also Cinderella.

After the show in the Kids Lab it was Girls Chill Out Party with lots of nail polish and air tattoos. L did not want to leave but she was exhausted by this time and it was late.

Did not do a good job on the picture front today, only 1.

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