Thursday, March 26, 2009

Disney Magic Post #1

Well we just got back from an amazing trip on the Disney Magic, and it was as much fun the second time around for the girls.

For this trip we were leaving dad at home again , so it was just me, and L who is 8 and S. who is 6

I had camera issues this trip so I unfortunately do not have as many photos as I hoped.

I was able to get all my work done by 2:00 so I was home when the girls got back from school. Got the car packed up and we were ready to go.

We left by 4:15 and we made it to the Courtyard Amherst by 7:15, and this included a stop for dinner, so we did make it to Buffalo before it got dark which was the goal.

The Courtyard is fairly close to the airport, and they have a park and fly shuttle available so we were able to leave all the winter boots and coats in the car and take a short shuttle ride to the airport.

Friday morning we woke up by 8:00 and headed out for breakfast and also to find a grocery store to get some snacks for the flight.

I had booked the shuttle for 11:30 and we were back in plenty of time. We were at the airport by 11:45 and I was amazed at how empty the airport was. Last spring break the airport was a zoo, and they must have been expecting the same thing as every single security line was open and they were all empty expect 2. Luckily I had my notarized letter allowing me to travel alone with the girls as the TSA lady wanted to see it, which surprised me, but maybe they had too much time on their hands and had to do something.

We were flying Delta this year and did not have direct flights, first flight left early, but then we get to the end of the runaway and the pilot announces due to traffic congestion in Atlanta we would not be leaving for 15 minutes. Other than that delay the flight was fine and we had time in Atlanta to change terminals and get some dinner.

The flight to Orlando was on time and we were off the plane by 7:20. This year we were staying at the Radisson in Cape Canaveral so I had decided to book a car service, instead of renting a car, and I was glad I did, as I do not like to drive in the dark. We found our driver and we were off for the 45 minute drive to Cape Canaveral, but not before finding the flip flops and rolling up the pants.

We had a most interesting driver from Sunrise Florida Transportation, he was from Poland, and had lived in Africa, Japan, Hawaii and than Florida, and kept us entertained on the drive.

By 9:00 the girls were in the pool, it was a beautiful night, but the pool was a little cool so it was a short swim.

The Radisson has beautiful grounds and the girls would have been happy to stay there for a couple of days. Originally out flight was to arrive at 11:00 in the morning and I was disappointed that we had such a short time there. The rooms are pretty standard hotel, but they were clean and this is what we woke up to on Saturday.

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