Sunday, September 18, 2011

La Speiza part 3

No cars, but parking boats is allowed.

The train station extends into the tunnel, but there is a window to let in some light.
About 3:00 I headed back to La Spezia, there was some train issues, the doors would not close so it was after 4:00 when I got to La Spezia. Once again none of the stores were open so I returned to the ship without any shopping.

This ended up being the only day that I did not do a tour and looking back I had fun, but I felt I missed so much I am sure.

Back in La Spezia

Port of La Spezia

I spent some time at the pool to cool off and then I did go to dinner, no one else was there until I was almost done, but Jelena the assistant server was able to spend some time chatting with me so it was a pleasant dinner. Seems all my table mates ended on the same excursion Easy Pisa and were late returning, but the servers were all very accommodating and as long as you arrived before 7:00 were able to serve you dinner. Tonight was Villans but I skipped it to enjoy a lovely evening on the balcony.

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