Saturday, September 24, 2011

Palma part 1

Friday September 2.

Palma Majorca

Coming into port behind the Carnival Magic

Today I was doing a half day bike tour. I really enjoyed this tour, touring on a bike is such a great way to see things.

Getting bikes and helments

We headed out on the path along the seawall and headed to the old part of town. The Cathedral in Palma is very dramatic as it on the side out the town and so you can get a full view.

. We then headed up hill down a maze of cobblestone streets and squares. We had a short break near the Cathedral but it did not open till 10:00, we then rode off to another square where we had break.

Traffic by this time was getting crazy so I was glad to get back on the bike path and head back to the ship for lunch.

At the  hotels in Barcelona after the cruise, I was talking to a mom and her 2 kids who had just gotten off the new Carnival Magic. They said the ship was beautiful, but the mother said the down side to that was her kids never wanted to get off the ship. The other intersting thing she said was if the excursion had less then 50 people booked, it was cancelled but not till the day before so not all cruise line excursions are the same.

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