Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rome part 5

We also saw the Parliament buildings and we ended up in Piazza Navona where the Fountain of 4 Rivers is located, the famous Bernini fountain.

A quick ride back to the train station and we were back in Civitavecchia by 6:00. It was hot but the tour guide did an amazing job of keeping us in the shade. I was able to buy a frozen water bottle at the Trevi fountain and that was wonderful at keeping me from overheating. I can’t imagine trying to see that all on my own and I was so glad that I had gone for this excursion. I look forward to going back to Rome and being able to see things again as it did not really seem like I was there.

I skipped dinner and went to topsiders which had a buffet and it was probably the best dinner of the cruise, and it is so quiet and peaceful up there unlike the noisy dining rooms.

Sailaway was set for 8:45 and I did notice DCL paging a family, but the port bus arrived a minute or 2 after with the family so I assume they were lucky and made it back on time. All the other ships in port left at 7:

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