Saturday, September 24, 2011

Naples part 5

The boat ride to Capri was about 30 minutes and once again the views this time looking up at where we had travelled on bus to were stunning.

View as we were leaving Positano.

Approaching Capri

We quickly arrived in Capri and we were off to get on the Funicular to take us to Carpi town on the top of the mountain.

Free time till 4:30 to wander and enjoy the views. Lots of quaint high end hotels and high end boutiques lined the narrow streets. I did find a lovely little park that was so peaceful and cool as it was full of huge trees.

The wait for the Funicular was quite long but we were able to get down and make the 5:15 jetfoil back to Naples. It was about 45 minutes to Naples and we were dropped off about 5 minutes from the ship so I was quickly back on board.

Leaving Naples

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