Saturday, September 24, 2011

Palma part 3

After a quick lunch I was hoping to find the local bus that would take me up to the Castle but my notes on how to do this were not the greatest so I took the shuttle into town and went to the Cathedral which was very impressive inside. I gathered that Gaudi had worked on this church before he stared on the Sagrada Famille.

Cathederal courtyard

Palma is a very confusing place to wander and I got terrible disoriented so I decided it best when I finally found the Cathedral again to head back to the ship.

There were tons of street artists out so I got this Chinese man to do name signs for the girls. In less then 5 minutes he had 2 of them done which I now need to frame for the girls. They had this tiny little baby who I think they said was 4 months old who was so happy just laying there in her stroller. What a different life to bring up a child.

Sqaure that was full of local artists on the side.

I did go to dinner and managed to pack everything up. I did not make it to the final show, but I did hit the hot tub one more time.

note to myself Since returning home I have seen some picture who did a tour of parts of the island and I wish that I had gone to Valdemossa, I guess it will be on the to do for next time.

I was not ready to leave 7, days was way to short.

last sunset

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