Saturday, September 24, 2011

Naples-part 1

Wednesday Aug 31


When I got on board I decided to change excursions and do one that went to Pompeii, Positano and then to Capri. It was a signature tour so there was only 10 people on the tour and it did Pompeii in the morning where all the other tours go in the day.

Naples is a large modern city with skyscrapers and traffic everywhere. I gather there is an old section of Naples that has some wonderful museums with many of the items recovered from Pompeii but it did look like many other large cities.

The sunrise with Mt Vesuvius in the back ground was stunning. Everyone morning I went up to topsiders and because of the lovely weather was able to enjoy breakfast overlooking the port of the day.

No longer having to tender we were off the ship quickly and soon on a small bus heading out of the city. It was about an hours drive, but traffic was not bad so we were able to get to Pompeii before all the crowds. The tour guide was amazed how quiet it was and I have pictures with no one it, and I guess the week before was packed.

Pompeii is amazing to see all the remains, some of the housed you can still see pictures that were painted on the walls. 79 AD was when Mt Vesuvius erupted and it was not till the 1700’s that it was discovered and to see the ruts in the street where carts would have gone is something. Many of the artefacts that have been recovered are in perfect shape.

We spent about 2 hours there and I am sure we saw nothing, it is huge.

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