Saturday, September 24, 2011

Naples Part 4

We got on the bus and headed towards the Amalfi Coast. Here the views were once again spectacular on the Mediterranean Sea, such a lovely blue. There were a few places that we could stop for pictures. A Small narrow 2 lane road hugging the cliffs that was extremely windy, I was glad to have seat on the right hand side.

View from the bus

Before noon we arrived at the top of Positano.

. There are no vehicular roads in this town on the side of the cliff, so the plan was to have free time till 12:30 to find your way down to the bottom where we would be having lunch then we would be taking the boat to Capri.

Little carts used

Positano is much more upscale then Cinque Terre and the store windows were filled with the most beautiful colours and then the next store would have a window with all white clothes so very dramatic.

Lunch was at the Covo dei Saraceni a 5 star hotel right beside the pier. Homemade pasta was to die for and the view was perfect. The lunch was one of the best meals that I have ever had, dessert was a lemoncello trifle that was too strong for me, but by then I was too full for anything else.

View from the bottom

It would have been wonderful to go for a swim as the water was such an inviting blue and it was so hot, but I was able to put my toes in and the water would have been perfect for even me to swim in.

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