Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday Aug 29 La Spezia part 1

Another beautiful sunny day. La Spezia too is a tender port but it is not quiet as impressive as VilleFranche.

Looking at the map I figured we would be sailing past Cinque Terre on the way to La Spezia and we did but unfortunately it was still dark so it was hard to see, I sure if it had been light the views would have been stunning.

I was heading out on my own today, taking the train to Cinque Terre.

Tender tickets were being given out in the Buena Vista theater and I was able to get on one of the first tenders.

Cinque Terre in the distance but it is too dark

I had a map and also a train schedule which listed the first train that I would make as being 10:02. I was hoping there would be an earlier one, but there was not. The train station was fairly easy to find  ( at the Travel information centre) turn right and follow the pedestrian  road to the train station and the Cinque Terre park office was very easy to find so I quickly had my day pass/ticket.
on the way to the train station

I decided that I would head to the farthest town and work my way back. It was no more than a 20 minute train ride. There are hiking trails that connect the towns which I wish I had done , but I decided to just spend the day wandering.



I made it to 4 of the villages, and they were all lovely, it was nice to sit on the seawall enjoy the views. I did find some lovely pizza for lunch, it did get much busier as the day went by. The trains were very quick and easy to take between the villages, only 1 place did I get lost and that was only for a short while, they are all very small and easy to navigate. I did do the Via D’Amour but it was around 1:00 and the heat was almost unbearable.

My route for the day was train to Monterosso, then to Vernazza, back to Riomaggiore where I walked the Via D’Amore to Manarola. I think Montersso and Vernazza were the prettiest, but it was also morning when I was there and not as hot or busy as the other towns. It would be lovely to be there at night to see the hills all lite up.

Beach in Montersso

Lemon trees in the main square in Montersso

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