Saturday, September 24, 2011

Barcelona part 1

Saturday Sept 4, now its time to say good bye to ... I am so glad they do not have the see you real sign banner up, as that is always so sad

I had booked a DCL excursion for today that would take me to Montserrat and then drop off at one of the 4 DCL hotels. This worked out really well, and was probably the best tour that I did.

Once again it was a small group only about 20 people so we made it to Montserrat by 9:45 and there was no one at the rail station. The tour guide said this was the only DCL tour he did all summer that made it up to the Church before 10:30 and were able to get in to see the Black Madonna.

I had seen pictures of Montserrat but it was way more than I thought it would be. It is a Benedictine mountain top Monastery that I gathered is in what we would call a national park. The scenery is very rugged and dramatic. You can drive up, and there is also a cable car or rack train that takes you up. We went on the train from basically sea level to 750 meters above sea level. There is a second rack train that goes to the top at 1,000 feet but it looked like it was straight up the mountain which I did not think want to do.

The view from the train station, see how high wer are going?

At the top.

A picture of the cable car
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